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Customer Feedback

At Four Points Assistance, we are prepared for any situation visitors to the UK and Ireland might find themselves in. Drawing on a wealth of local knowledge and experience, here are some examples of real live cases our team has assisted with, as well as a few comments from some of our satisfied clients and partners.

July 2018 – GP Consultation, X-ray and Physiotherapy 

Lais, Brazil

Four Points Assistance was notified of a Brazilian student in Dublin who was experiencing lower spinal pain, and required urgent medical attention. Despite it being a weekend, Four Points Assistance was able to arrange for the patient to visit a GP and then an orthopaedic specialist that same day, who were able to x-ray and assess the problem area. The client was referred for five sessions of physiotherapy over the next month, which were also arranged and paid for by Four Points Assistance, allowing Lais to make a full recovery.

Thanks for being efficient…

(Lais’ Brazilian Assistance Company)

June 2018 – Visiting Doctor

Evelin M, Columbia

A Columbian student in London began to feel weak, nauseous and dizzy one Saturday evening. The doctor’s clinics in her area were shut and in any case Evelin Marcela felt too weak to leave her hotel room. Four Points Assistance therefore arranged for a doctor to visit the patient’s address within two hours, even though there was a tube strike that day. The patient was diagnosed with viral gastroenteritis and was prescribed some medicine. When Four Points Assistance called Evelin M a few days later to check on her condition, she had fully recovered.


Many thanks for your cooperation … we are pretty sure about the excellent service that you give to all our patients and we are very sure that your team offer the best service possible."

“We would like to continue working with 4 Points Assistance to provide the best medical assistance possible.”

(Evelin Marcela’s South American Assistance Company)

Summer 2018 – Specialist Doctors

Jalila, Denmark

Four Points Assistance was asked to assist a 13-year-old Danish girl suffering from unexplained episodes of fainting and fatigue, and within two days Jalila saw a paediatric endocrinologist. Following this diagnostic consultation, Four Points Assistance was then asked to organise and pay for (and obtain medical reports for) a further seven specialist consultations and scans on the patient’s behalf, including cardiologists, neurologists, MRI scans, tilt tests and an audio vestibular physician.

Wow! Thanks … really good to know 4 Points Assistance is on top of things"

“…you have been really impressive at 4 Points Assistance, providing the GOPs and speaking to the medical team and our insurance company ... Thanks so much for keeping me copied and informed.”

(Jalila’s father)

September 2017 – Hospital Inpatient and Ground Ambulance Transfer

Marguerite, France

An elderly French lady was hospitalised in the UK with a femoral neck fracture, but as she spoke no English, her French insurance company was finding it extremely difficult to find out any information relating to her condition. Four Points Assistance was asked to intervene, and managed to obtain a full medical report that same day. Before the patient was discharged 10 days later Four Points Assistance sourced an updated medical report, enabling the patient’s safe transportation back to France to be organised. Once the patient had been discharged, an ambulance was waiting to take her directly to the airport, which was arranged and paid for by Four Points Assistance.

May - June 2017 – Hotel, Taxi, Ferry Crossing and Vehicle Scrapping

Cyril, France

While travelling back to France from England, Cyril’s Honda Civic broke down. Four Points Assistance arranged for the vehicle to be recovered to a local garage where the fault could be assessed. As the vehicle was not driveable and Cyril needed to return to France, Four Points Assistance organised a taxi to take him to Dover, a hotel room overnight and then booked a ticket on the next ferry to France, leaving the following morning. The vehicle was unfortunately not worth repairing, so Four Points Assistance organised its destruction, including settling the client’s fees at the garage and supplying the necessary Confirmation of Destruction documents.

“My hotel was absolutely lovely, I had a very restful night thank you so much for your choice. The taxi did pick me up at 7.00, I have my ticket for the ferry just waiting for the bus!

can’t thank you enough for your impeccable work :)

Thank you very much for your amazing “services”


April 2017 – Truck Breakdown

Naygar Logistica S.L., Spain

While driving through the Derbyshire countryside, the alternator of Mr Antanacio’s company lorry broke. The truck was far from any towns or cities, but within an hour of being notified Four Points Assistance managed to find a local breakdown service who could order and then fit a replacement part that same day. Four Points Assistance was able to pay for the roadside assistance on the client’s behalf, and Mr Antanacio continued his journey only slightly behind schedule.

“First of all let me thank you and your team for the excellent work

…we were very pleased for the help you gave to our client and your attention to detail...”

(Naygar Logistica S.L.’s Spanish Assistance Company)

November 2017 – Road Traffic Collision

Mrs Idarousse, France

Four Points Assistance was notified of a serious road collision in London, where a French lady’s people carrier had crashed through a shop window. Thankfully the driver was not seriously injured, but the vehicle was very badly damaged. Four Points Assistance immediately arranged and paid for her car to be recovered to a nearby garage where the vehicle was safe and could be properly assessed.

Thanks a lot for your help on this case… You have been very efficient…”

(Mrs Idarousse’s French Assistance Company)

October 2017 – Vehicle Repatriation

Mr Gray, the Netherlands

So that urgent and extensive repairs could take place on a Dutch people carrier, Four Points Assistance was asked to organise the transportation of the vehicle from a garage in Essex to the client’s local workshop in the Netherlands. The car was collected at the beginning of the following week, with Four Points Assistance settling the outstanding charges at the garage for Mr Gray, and the car was delivered in the Netherlands just two days later allowing the repairs to commence.

September 2016 – Ground Ambulance Transfer

Thank you once again for your excellent service

(Scandinavian Assistance Company)

 July 2015 – Hotel Reservation

“I would like to mention  that Four Points Assistance staff members were very helpful with the queries when I phoned on behalf of the family, it is good to deal with people who are always efficient, courteous and patient in this situation. Please pass on my thanks…”

(Mairi, a hotel on the Isle of Skye)

June 2015 – GP Consultation

“…we just want to let you know our customer loved the clinic and the hole [sic] attendance!

Thank you so much

(Brazilian Assistance Company)

August 2014 – Visiting Doctor

“…[the doctor] just left, all perfectThank you very much once again…”

(Randall, South America)

February 2014 – Visiting Doctor

Thank you so much for your help in this medical case, like every medical case, your tearm [sic] does an amazing work [sic]”

(Brazilian Assistance Company)

October 2013 – Visiting Doctor

“I’m sending this mail just to let you know how great was the service we received from you guys regarding the doctors [sic] visit.

We had some problems at [sic] the city we were before but we appreciate the quick response you guys gave us and the doctors (sic] visit at the Hostal [sic], also her good work and attitude. [sic]

Thanks a lot :)

(Karina, a Brazilian student in Dublin)

February 2013 – Vehicle Breakdown

“The client is really happy with our partner - Four Points Assistance partner… thank you a lot because it was a difficult case…”

(French Assistance Company)

December 2012 – Visiting Doctor

"...thank you so much for all your help and support. It is a real pleasure working with Four Points Assistance :)

(Medical Coordinator, Spain)

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